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Conditions Essential tremor

Essential tremor

Essential tremor is the most common form of all movement disorders. Its primary symptoms are rhythmic shaking, particularly of the hands but also of other body parts and the voice. The tremor is usually related to specific postures or actions. Essential tremor often runs in families and begins in adulthood, however, it can affect children and people with no family history of the condition.

There are a range of treatments available to reduce the symptoms of essential tremor. These include medications and surgical procedures such as deep brain stimulation.

Dr Julian Rodrigues is a neurologist with specialist experience in treating movement disorders such as essential tremor, particularly using deep brain stimulation.

To discuss essential tremor treatments and cost, please contact our office.

Video: Deep brain stimulation for essential tremor: Clinton’s story

Clinton: Deep brain stimulation for essential tremor
After years of managing his essential tremor and with worsening symptoms, Clinton decided to try deep brain stimulation (DBS) with Dr Rodrigues.

Watch his story here.