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Conditions Headache


Headache toolbox

Download information about your headache.

Headache diary

headache diary Your doctor has asked you to fill in this diary to understand how your headaches are affecting you. Please fill in this diary in the upcoming weeks, and bring it with you to your appointment.…download


Sinus headache: Does it exist?

headache toolbox - sinus headache Headache is both a symptom and a diagnosis. This distinction is the basis for differentiating primary and secondary headaches and may provide an answer to the existence of “sinus headache.” …download


Behavioral and other nonpharmacologic treatments for headache

headache toolbox - treatments Medicines provide our chief means of treating headaches – so much so that many people have difficulty thinking of any other strategy. Plenty of nondrug techniques can ease head pain, such as …download


Occipital nerve blocks

headache toolbox - occipital nerve blocks Many patients with chronic headache report that their pain typically arises from the neck or, more specifically, the base of the skull. Often that pain arises on one side or the other and extends forward to involve the top of the head …download


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