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Migraine toolbox

Download information about your migraine.

What is migraine?

migraine toolbox - what is it? For a disorder that afflicts a tenth of our population and is the subject of thousands of private conversations each day, surprisingly few people – even physicians – can provide a coherent answer if asked: What is migraine? …download

The truth about triggers

migraine toolbox - triggers Individuals with migraine frequently report that their attacks may be precipitated by “triggers.” In one recent survey of 200 consecutive migraine patients referred to our headache center, over 90% identified at least one trigger…download

Chronic migraine: Medication overuse headache

migraine toolbox - medication overuse The diagnosis of chronic migraine implies that a patient has a history of migraine headaches and that he/she now is experiencing headache at least 15 days out of the month. Chronic migraine is common, afflicting …download

Migraine “chronification”: What you can do

migraine toolbox - chronification Each year approximately 3% of people with episodic migraine experience “chronification” of their headache disorder. “Chronic” migraine implies that the migraineur who previously was suffering relatively infrequent …download

Preventative (prophylactic) therapy

migraine toolbox - prevention If your migraine attacks are becoming increasingly more frequent, if you are suffering attacks of disabling migraine despite optimal use of acute therapies, if you are experiencing some degree of headache more days than not, or if …download

Treating an acute attack of migraine

migraine toolbox - treatment An important skill to perfect is obtaining the most benefit possible from your migraine medication. This often requires a systematic approach to acute treatment. …download

OnabotulinumtoxinA for the treatment of chronic migraine

migraine toolbox - Botox In October 2010 the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved onabotulinumtoxinA (onabotA; also commonly referred to as Botox, BotoxA, and botulinumtoxin-type A) injection therapy for the preventive treatment of chronic migraine …download


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